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Tiny Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween Tote

Halloween is coming and I can't wait!  It's one of the most fun holidays for me and my family, and every detail counts.  I love seeing the neighborhood swarming with tiny trick-or-treaters in the most creative costumes.  What a lot of kids are missing, is a cute little bag that isn't too big for them to carry.  They need something more manageable.  That's why my Mini Black Totes are perfect for those little hands!  It's waaay better than a plastic bag and it's reusable.  Now, if your family is a heavy-duty trick-or-treating bunch, then you might need a larger version like this one.  Or, you can have a larger bag that you carry and when your little tikes' Mini Roblin Tote gets too full, they can empty it into your bag and carry on.  The idea is to have the bag be manageable for your kiddos so that they can run from door-to-door with ease.  Clip on a small blinking light and you'll be set!

So, click here and get yours today for only $8!

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