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The Roblin Shop | About

If you’re new, you’re probably wondering, “what the heck is a Roblin?!”  Well, a Roblin is the little goblin creature that you see all over this site (and soon-to-be-world, muahahaha).  They’re both male and female Roblins and even pet Roblins, too.  Some are pirates and ballerinas, while others are strong men and aliens – the sky’s the limit with these little dudes! In my Colorado Studio, I personally hand paint my Roblins onto canvas, wood, paper, and on both hard-covered and soft-covered notebooks.  I also hand-sew my skirts, quilts, bibs + burps, scarves, bows and dog bandanas.  In addition to all of that, I hand-carve and block-print each Roblin onto tees, baby one-pieces, scarves, skirts, tea towels, totes and sketchbooks.   Each piece is rendered personally by my hand – whether it’s stamped or painted.  So what you get is 100% original art each and every time.  This means, no two are exactly alike, even if the same theme is applied.   I recently started designing my own fabric to have printed up especially for this shop!  I use this fabric to sew up many of my fun Roblin pieces.  I also have the help of a fabulous screen-printer for many of my tees.It’s very important that I’m as eco-friendly as possible.  As a creative small business owner, it’s my responsibility to do my part in keeping the health of our environment in mind at all times. 

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